Allison Bozeman
Graphic Design + Creative Direction

Store Openings

store openings

Store Openings are the ultimate long-haul projects of a retail career. It takes an amazing team of players including designers, content creators, event planners and retailers to make THEM happen. AT WHOLE FOODS MARKET®, EACH STORE HAS A UNIQUE PERSONALITY THAT MATCHES ITS HOME TOWN — AND THE CREATIVE DESIGN MUST CONVEY THAT PERSONALIZATION AS WELL AS THE STRENGTH OF THE BRAND AT EVERY TURN.


Union Station  |  colorado

The Whole Foods Market Downtown Denver store opened to 8000 customers in fall of 2017 to a record week of sales and an unprecedented response to the Mac & Cheese bar debut. I led the regional creative team in collaborating with marketing, operations and procurement to deliver the the most successful store opening in the Rocky Mountain region's history. Advertising across streaming services, geo-targeted apps, digital billboards and direct mail for a total of 7.6mm impressions.


park city  |  utah

The Whole Foods Market Park City relocation opened in fall of 2017, bringing an outdated store to new heights. A cross-team collaboration between marketing, operations and procurement resulted in a beautiful store for locals and tourists, while increasing sales for the Rocky Mountain region. My team was charged with design strategy and execution of 175+ advertising assets, in-store deliverables, event promotion materials and large-scale display installs within a four-week timeframe.